About ForexFee

ForexFee was founded in 2000 by experts from the Forex and the Internet industries and quickly became one of the most successful ventures in the world of online Forex trading affiliation. Due to ForexFee’s vast experience in the Forex trading affiliation market, the ForexFee Affiliate Program is now a reference for Forex affiliates around the globe.

Mission Statement

With its unique Forex Trading Affiliate Program, ForexFee aims to provide its affiliate members with all of the necessary tools that will facilitate their work and help them benefit from the very lucrative sector of Forex trading. These include innovative and creative marketing tools as well as advanced tracking reports which have all been tried and tested to ensure maximum results. ForexFee also offers one of the most competitive commission structures in the sector and is known in the business for its reliability and sense of service. At ForexFee we strive to always maintain and improve those standards and to uphold our high level of professionalism.

Whatever your size, we care mostly for your devotion and good results, so that we can mutually profit from this enterprise. For more information on the ForexFee Affiliate Program, please visit our Forex Affiliate Program page.

Our Partner

ForexFee cooperates with Forex Brokers USA Inc., a public company traded on OTCBB, which developed breakthrough technology in real-time online Forex trading. The internationally renowned Finotec Online Trading Platform enables traders to launch their transactions immediately without having to download the proprietary software.

To keep up with the pace of change in the world of online Forex trading, Finotec’s devoted in-house programmers are constantly seeking new ways to improve the trading platform to better meet customers’ demands and needs. The Finotec platform puts an emphasis on simplicity of use, availability, data security and reliability.

We believe that a secure working environment is a vital component of a successful business. We therefore commit to promptly detecting and eradicating any inappropriate conduct or fraudulent attempts.

For more information on the Affiliate Program, please visit our Affiliate Program FAQ page.