Affiliate Program FAQ

    • What is an Affiliate Program?

      An affiliate program is an advertising program offering monetary incentives for site owners to drive traffic to the advertiser’s website. It is a partnership between the affiliate and the advertising program through which money can be earned by directing users to our sponsor via links on your site. All profit that is made on these users is then split between the affiliate and the online vendor. An affiliate program is thereby an easy and effective way to earn money from the traffic on your site.

      All you have to do is:

      • Place links of our Forex brokers on your site.
      • And/Or send marketing e-mails with your link to your friends giving them the opportunity to Trade at our site.

      For every new client who comes to Finotec from your website and makes a deposit, we will reward you a significant monthly Affiliate Fee based on the commission scheme agreed on upon registration. To find out more about the ForexFee Affiliate Program and its commission schemes please read ForeFees Affiliate Program.

    • How does the Affiliate Program work?

      ForexFee is one of the worlds leading and highest paying Forex Affiliate Programs. Our Affiliate Program uses the traffic from your site to help you earn additional profits. Every time a visitor clicks on the referral link on your site, that visitor will be directed to our partner, Finotec. Once the visitor opens a trading account and starts to deposit money into their account, you will earn commission according to the scheme agreed on upon registration.
    • What is Forex?

      Foreign Exchange, also knows as Forex, is an inter-bank market where investors “institutions and individuals alike” can trade foreign currencies on a global scale. The Forex market emerged in 1971 when international trade transitioned from fixed to floating exchange rates. Since then the rates of currencies relative to each other are determined by the most obvious means which is the exchange at a mutually agreed rate.

      With an average volume of $3 trillion traded each day, the Forex market is one of the largest and most attractive markets in the world. However, Forex is not a market in the conventional sense one might be familiar with. It doesn’t have a fixed location of the trading floor and trading is done via phone or internet simultaneously in hundreds of facilities around the world.

      Forex is open 24 hours a day and currency exchange operations are maintained throughout the working days of the week in almost every time zone including London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Sydney.

      To learn more About the Forex Market click here.

    • Why should I join the ForexFee Affiliate Program?

      Here are just a few reasons to join the ForexFee Affiliate Program:

      • Get outstanding value for money. You can feel comfortable and confident promoting excellent products.
      • Earn great income. Our affiliate commission scheme is one of the most rewarding and we make outstanding efforts to give you the maximum results from your referred clients. Make money with as little effort as putting up the Finotec banners on your website.
      • Earn lifetime commissions. You earn commissions on every client you refer to Finotec.
      • Get paid on time each month. The more active clients you refer to Finotec, the larger your pay check each month.
      • Add value to the content of your Website with our various eye-catching banners and other customized creative materials and earn money while doing so.
      • Manage and track all of your clients easily and professionally with our advanced online reporting system which can be accessed at the comfort of your own home.
      • Relax while we do the hard work. We take care of all the customer queries, training and technical issues related to trading so you enjoy the revenues from the clients without having to deal with any problems.

      To learn more about our program’s benefits see: Affiliate Program benefits.

    • Why Promote Finotec?

      Finotec is a pioneer of real-time Internet trading and prides itself in competitive pricing.
      Finotec Group Inc. is a OTCBB public company (FTGI) that offers financial market trading to professional and retail clients over a web-based live and real-time trading system that it has developed and which is supported by the group’s centralized financial market dealing room.Established in 1998, Finotec Trading Inc. has evolved into a leader in real-time Internet trading. After launching its real-time Forex trading platform in 2001, it has continued to evolve and now serves clients worldwide, offering them real-time Internet trading in Currencies, CFD’s and Options.Finotec continues to develop its leading software using an in-house team of experienced programmers. Today, its Forex trading platform enables traders to view quotes and charting, execute transactions, place orders and track open positions – all in real-time.

      Finotec Trading Inc. represents a large number of clients, therefore creating a huge aggregation of trading capital and volume enabling the negotiation of excellent inter-bank conditions with its liquidity providers. The result is that Finotec can offer up to 3 pips to its clients. These conditions are attained only by guaranteeing billions in monthly volume to its counter-parties. With Finotec you pay no commissions with the deals you make thereby receiving many benefits.

    • How do I sign up?

      It’s EASY!! Simply read and accept our Terms and Conditions in our Affiliate Agreement and complete our online application. Once your application is reviewed and accepted, your personal highly trained affiliate manager will contact you and provide you with information and instructions on how to launch our links and refer clients to Finotec.
    • Are there any costs related to sign-up?

      No. There are no initial costs or ongoing costs to partake in the ForexFee Affiliate Program. We take your website and team it up with a great Forex platform towards one common goal.
    • Is my Website eligible to be included in the Affiliate Program?

      Most websites which are related to online trading qualify for participation in the Affiliate Program. In case you have any questions as to what will not be accepted as a potential website, you should read the eligibility criterias in the affiliate agreement under section 3. “ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS FOR AN AFFILIATE.”

      All applications are welcome, but ForexFee reserves the right to refuse membership to a website or revoke a website’s membership at any time if deemed that it contains objectionable material.

      Please submit your affiliate application from our Join us page and you will be contacted if there are any issues.

    • How do I change my password, payment information and account details?

      To change your details, please contact your affiliate manager and they will be sure to assist you in a timely manner.
    • What affiliate tools do I have access to in my personal affiliate account at ForexFee ?

      We provide you with all of the tools that you need to keep track of your affiliate account. You are provided with personalized reports with the information that is most important to you, all directly from the ForexFee affiliate website. Here, you will be able to accurately track all of your clients’ performance, statistics and earnings. The reporting system will allow you to optimize your campaigns, view payments, and help you recruit more clients, more efficiently.
      In addition, Affiliates have access to all of the important tools needed for advertising. In the Marketing Tools section, affiliates can select uniquely coded banners for each domain and can upload these on their website.ForexFee is constantly looking for ways to add more value and convenience to our affiliate accounts. In the near future there will be many more tools and creatives offered to the affiliate in order to make the marketing easier and more efficient to increase the conversion rate.
    • What should I do once I become an Affiliate of Finotec?

      As an affiliate you should advertise Finotec by putting up links and banners on your website or by promoting offline content through e-mail marketing in order to refer clients to the Finotec website.

      For ONLINE Marketing, go to the Marketing Tools section » choose the banners of your preference » generate your html code and place them on your website. These banners or text links are already embedded with your tracking code so every client that clicks on the banner and opens an account is your referral.

      For OFFLINE marketing, you can prepare an email template with your unique link as a text link. Send these emails to your friends and relatives who would like to take part in a great opportunity in trading currencies, commodities, stocks or options. Once they click on the link in your email and open an account, they will be tracked as your clients.

      (Please read our affiliate Terms & Conditions as we have strict regulation against unsolicited e-mail, unauthorized newsgroup postings, or chat rooms or through the use of “bots”).

    • Where do I get creatives? (banners, texts, etc.)

      Banners for promoting our partner Forex platform, Finotec, may be found in our Marketing Tools section which contains a wide variety of eye-catching banners and other attractive creatives. These free cutting-edge Marketing Tools are designed by the industries’ top graphic designers allowing you to maximize your traffic and readability, thereby producing more profit for you.
    • What incentive does a client receive by signing up through an Affiliate rather than by signing up directly?

      If a client signs up through an affiliate, he/she receive a special bonus on their deposit. This bonus is 25% higher that what they would regularly receive if opened an account through the website directly.
    • How will I track which clients I have referred to your platform?

      When the clients you refer visit your website, click on a link that contains your Affiliate ID, and are directed to Finotec, your ID is tracked to their click. Once the client registers for an account, your Affiliate ID is linked to their account and you are credited once they make a deposit according to the commission scheme agreed on upon registration.
    • How do I find my html tracking code?

      After choosing the domain you wish to use in the Marketing Tools section of the site, click the “Get Code” button which is next to the banner of your choice. You will then get the HTML code to copy and paste onto your website. This html code is unique to you and any clients who enter via this banner will be as assigned to you as your individual client.
    • One of my friends is already a client at Finotec. Can he use my tracking link to sign up as a client under my affiliate code?

      Unfortunately not. Each client is allowed only one account at Finotec. If it appears that one client is responsible for multiple accounts, all of his accounts will be terminated.
    • How do I create html links to use with the banners?

      Your affiliate login has a very easy and user friendly tool to generate HTML codes. You can request html codes in Marketing Tools section of our site by clicking on the “Get code” link by each banner. All you need to do is copy and paste the HTML banner code onto your website and it is automatically converted into a banner with your affiliate code in it.
    • Where should I place the links/banners on my site?

      The best position to place your banners or links is at the home page where most of the site’s visitors will notice it. To receive maximum results, place banners on all pages of your website.
    • How do I track my traffic?

      As a ForexFee Affiliate, you will receive access to our online reporting system in which you can view detailed reports of the traffic you deliver per domain, per day, banner, etc.
    • How do I know how much commission I have earned?

      ForexFee uses an advanced system that tracks all of the visitors you refer to our partner, Finotec, using a unique affiliate link (supplied to you after sign up). In the Reports section, you will be able to view all of your results divided up into Domains, Banners, Clicks, Clients, P&L, Bonus Given, Execution Cost, and how much commission you earned as an affiliate.
    • How often are the Reports updated?

      All of our reporting information is updated online every 24 hours in order to help you optimize and improve your results.
    • Can I see how much profit each client has generated?

      For security and ethical reasons you will not be able to see the profits per client. However, you will see how much profit you have generated per day, per period, per banner or per campaign
    • How will you know that the clients came from my site?

      Each banner that you request from the creative section is embedded with a tracker – a unique code/number that is associated to you. Once a client clicks on this banner and registers at Finotec, they will automatically be registered as your client. This will be reflected in the reports which are updated periodically.
    • I have many websites and want to track the revenue from the sites separately. Can I do this?

      We appreciate your efforts to advertise Finotec on more than one website resulting in more traffic. Simply get a new banner from the Marketing Tools and each banner may be used to track a different campaign for the tracking is done per each domain entered. Therefore, you will have separate tracking URL’s per domain and will be able to see traffic per each domain. You will be able to see the revenue from each individual campaign in your daily reports in the ForexFee reporting system.
    • Is there a minimum amount that is needed for me to receive my affiliate earnings?

      Yes, a minimum of $100 in your account is necessary in order to receive payments.
    • How and when do I receive my affiliate earnings?

      Our Affiliate payments are made no later than the 10th day following the end of the month. If your account does not reach the minimum amount in a particular month, Finotec has the right to withhold payment and forward the earned amount to the next calendar month.

      Only actual deposits by real account traders will be eligible for payment. Payment may be made by Finotec through wire transfer or other means as Finotec may desire.
      In cases where an affiliate is also a trader, Finotec reserves the right not to pay an affiliate for their personal accounts.

    • On what basis do I get paid?

      Each affiliate is paid according to the commission schemes agreed to by the affiliate and affiliate manager upon registration.
    • Where can I send my questions, comments and suggestions?

      ForexFee offers a first rate support staff that is always on hand to answer all of your questions. We understand that a high level of service and support guarantees high customer satisfaction and provides the opportunity for a long lasting partnership between you and our partner site. We are here to help you, so any questions, comments or suggestions are welcome. Should you require assistance, you can drop us an e-mail or call anytime and you will receive a prompt response from our friendly affiliate managers.

      For general queries, suggestions, complaints and support: