Forex Affiliate Tools

As a ForexFee affiliate, you have access to a gamut of affiliate marketing tools ranging from attractive banners, RSS feeds, trader tools, to streaming quotes and many other creatives. Our Forex Affiliate Tools are developed in an innovative spirit by our in-house team of designers, expert marketing staff and forex analysts.


Designed by our own studio team, our banners, which are enabled with your affiliate code, are available in many standard and non-standard sizes to suit each affiliate’s particular needs. Our banners exist in several languages including English, French, German, Russian and Arabic. They all manage to attract the eye by illustrating in a simple and original way the main benefits of trading with Finotec.

Flash Banners

Choose from a wide range of flash banners designed by our own studio. All our banners are enabled with the affiliate’s code and cleverly reflect the seriousness of the world of finance along with the glamorous appeal of an industry with a $3 billion daily turnover. These are also available in several languages.


All the relevant advantages of Finotec listed in a short or long description in the language of your choice. Use our to-the-point reviews to present the unique benefits of trading with Finotec in the most professional and marketable way. These reviews place a special emphasis on Finotec’s flagship product and proprietary software, the Finotec Trading Platform, which has become one of the of the industry’s leading systems.


This is one of Finotec’s key tools and one of our most popular Forex Affiliate Tools. Updated on a daily basis by our own team of expert analysts, Finotec’s RSS feed displays the latest news about forex and commodities as well as other main financial events and developments: an indispensable tool for traders seeking accurate and reliable information. You can also use our RSS parsers to reformat and easily integrate the Finotec RSS news feed into your website.

Trader tools

Traders tend to search for tools such as streaming quotes and calculators to help them make fast and informed transaction decisions. Finotec’s clear and easy-to-use tools will attract many traders seeking up-to-date and reliable data.

Reporting system

Last but not least, ForexFee’s reporting system, a Forex affiliate must: you will find it very easy to use and also very helpful. Our different tracking methods – tracing by date, banner or domain – will help you analyze traffic and optimize your advertising plans. View your account balance any time and keep track of the clients you refer to Finotec.

ForexFee continuously strives to add new and innovative Forex Affiliate Tools and improve its tracking system to stay in line with the new demands in the forex industry. Since your success as an affiliate is also our success, we do our utmost to enhance our marketing tools and resources to make your work easier and geared towards success.

To take full advantage of our Forex Affiliate Tools, sign up now with ForexFee and start earning your share of the lucrative forex industry.

*Please note that our affiliate marketing tools are available in the following languages: English, French, German, Arabic, Russian and Hebrew.